We Live and Work by our “Code of Conduct”

Our “Code” is ethics and values

Establishing relationships with our team, trade partners and clients that are built on mutual respect, trust and dependability is at our core.  

We take Pride in our work 

Communication –  We communicate with our clients throughout the process.  We listen.  We speak openly and honestly.  We strive to offer insight and work hard to build a sturdy relationship with each of our clients.

Experience and Expertise-  We fine tune our skills and combine our strengths.  When you delegate a project to us, you get all of our team.

Custom built- means that every client believes that their project has met their specific needs and expectations.  We want our clients to have an amazing experience bringing their visions and objectives to life.

We do what is right 

The client’s vision and budget- are honored and tailored to each project.

Our reputation creates our success-  We never lose focus.  We don’t stop innovating .  We rectify.  We perform each task and project with care.

Safety is paramount-  Our comprehensive safety program applies to everyone, whether they be management, trade partners, onsite employees or clients.  

We Commit  

We build one relationship at a time- with the vision that we will become the most trusted General Contractor in the area by serving our team, trade partners, clients, and communities.

We honor our team- We bolster each other to excel in their function and we collaborate together to maximize the project value.  Our employees do not simply work for us – they work with us.  They are our most valuable assets.

We finish what we start- Every project from start to completion is monitored and executed with care, respect, pride, and dedication.

Harris Constructors follows its code of conduct daily.  Every day.  Every project.  Every client.